How Many Christmas Lights Should I Put on My Tree?


Calculating the number of Christmas lights to put on yo […]

Calculating the number of Christmas lights to put on your tree can be like solving a math riddle, but it's also a tricky art. It depends on the size of your tree, the type of lights you want, and how you'll decorate it.


Tree Height:
The vertical height of your tree is the most important factor in determining the number of lights you'll need. For a standard-sized tree, use 100 mini lights per vertical foot; for a brighter look, 200.


String Lights:
One of the easiest and most common types of Christmas lights, string lights are a classic. They can be used both indoors and out, and come in a variety of styles and sizes.


How to Use String Lights:
When using string lights, make sure you plug the pronged end of each strand into a tree outlet near the bottom. This will allow you to conceal the unsightly outlet connection that is sometimes visible on top of the strand.


How to Choose the Right Style of Lights:
When selecting your Christmas lights, be sure to choose a style that will complement your home decor and taste. You can choose from LED, battery-powered, and traditional incandescent lights.


How to Wrap Your Lights:
To ensure your lights cover the entire tree, begin by wrapping each strand around the ends of the branches in a spiral pattern that's 2" - 3" apart. Once you've reached the trunk, step back and check for proper spacing between each strand.


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