How Do I Safely Hang Christmas Lights?


Holiday lights brighten your home's exterior, bringing […]

Holiday lights brighten your home's exterior, bringing the spirit of the season indoors. However, they also come with risks, including falls, electrocution, and fires. Thankfully, there are a few ways to safely hang your Christmas lights this season!


Start by making a plan for the areas you'd like to decorate. Think about porch railings, door frames, walkways, and your home's roofline. Take measurements and then write out your design on paper or in a sketch book.


Once you've got your plan, go shopping for the appropriate lighting to match your design. Be sure to choose strands that are the correct length and wattage for each area.


Use extension cords to help hang your lights, but be sure they're rated for outdoor use and aren't tripping hazards.


Before you start hanging, test all your lights to make sure they're working and that the bulbs are in good condition. Many strands include replacement bulbs, but it's smart to have a few extra sets on hand in case something goes wrong.


Be prepared with a ladder and work with a partner when you're hanging your lights. Having someone to spot you and hold the ladder when you're up in the air is especially helpful.


Then, hang your lights by attaching the plastic clips to gutters, siding, railings, and other surfaces that will help your design come to life. Space the clips six to 12 inches apart.



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